Positive change begins with the ability to understand the causes and effects of an issue. Pears Foundation is committed to promoting understanding through investment in education, research and policy work.


Before we can make any impact on the issues we understand to be important, we have to plug in and switch on. If we’re to have the lasting effect we want to have on the world around us, we must make a commitment to act, and encourage the same in others. With a particular emphasis on young people, Pears Foundation is constantly exploring ways to get people engaged in active citizenship.


Everyone has a right to a fulfilling life, whatever their circumstances. This is never more true than when they face adversity. From children growing up in difficult circumstances to families supporting loved ones in the late stages of life, their wellbeing is always of the utmost importance. Pears Foundation works with organisations deeply committed to improving and sustaining quality of life.

In Conversation With Trevor Pears

Because we invest our emotion and our interest in organisations we support, we build a real relationship, a proper, deep relationship that is forged over time around issues of mutual interest.
Trevor Pears CMG

We believe that thoughtful and effective philanthropy is about CREATING SPACES


Where our partners can meet and work

Our operating programme JHub runs a residency programme to support emerging organisations committed to social change. Read More


High-quality facilities that our partners’ beneficiaries and the general public can use and enjoy

The Pears Pavilion at Coram provided a new home for the charity’s adoption support and creative therapies services. Read More


Freedom to operate through long-term core funding grants

We have been a core funder of AfriKids for over 12 years, enabling it to grow from £50k to £2 million and thrive in an uncertain financial climate. Read More


Space for ideas to evolve through funding innovative projects and pilot programmes

The Pears Project is enabling the Scout Association to pilot an innovative model of volunteer recruitment to increase opportunities for young people. Read More


Space for new thinking and research

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education has conducted the world's first large-scale research study investigating what young people know about the Holocaust. Read More


Harnessing the power of higher education to change the world

The Pears Scholarship initiative is providing skills and training to equip the next generation of public health leaders in Africa. Read More


Space for organisations and individuals to come together around the causes they care about

We helped to set up UK Task Force on issues relating to Arab citizens of Israel, which has built a coalition of over 35 organisations across the spectrum of the Jewish community. Read More


Space to explore some of the most difficult and controversial issues facing society today

The Linking Network helps schools and teachers to engage with and explore issues of identity and diversity. Read More

Our philosophy is: COMMIT, LEARN, REFINE

For us, ‘commitment’ comes first. You’ve got to decide you want to get more involved - that you’re going to make a commitment of time as well as money; a commitment to going on a journey with a project or charity. Once you do that, the learning comes. My learning, and our team’s learning, is refined on a daily and weekly basis in terms of how we operate, who we work with and what we do - it’s a continual, evolving process.
Sir Trevor Pears CMG

Here are just some of the causes in which the foundation invests


In Holocaust


In Universities
and Higher Education


In International


In Youth
Social Action


Mental Health


In Special Educational
Needs and Disability


In Palliative Care


In Research