We are a financing and real estate group.

The business was founded by Bernard and his son, Clive Pears in 1952. The business is now owned by the Pears family. Mark Pears is Chief Executive of the William Pears Group.

We have a long term approach to finance and real estate which has evolved over time to ensure that we act to preserve the capital of the business.

The William Pears Group carries out the following activities:


This is now a significant focus for the group. We are looking to back business ventures on fair terms.

Joint Ventures

We have a proven record of working and providing finance to joint venture partners in different property sectors. We have an appetite to invest in or lend to other business sectors where the underlying asset is property.

Real Estate

We manage our property portfolio with the objective of long term capital preservation. Profits from our property portfolio are either re-invested or used to support the Pears family's philanthropic activities.

Residential & Commercial Property Management

We use Hamways to manage our residential property portfolio and advise on purchases and sales. The group uses the services of CHP Management to manage our Commercial property portfolio. Pears Property Advisory Services are also used to advise on purchases and sales of commercial properties.


Charitable Donations


Total Financing:


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Charitable Donations


Total Financing:


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Charitable Donations


Total Financing:


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Charitable Donations


Total Financing:


Download Consolidated Annual Accounts:

Corporate Responsibility

The group fulfils its obligations on corporate responsibility through contributions to Pears Foundation which was founded in 1992.

The William Pears Group is committed to donating in excess of £20 million every year to enable the Pears Foundation to carry out its work which is funding organisations and projects working to deliver progress on key issues affecting the wellbeing of people in the UK and all over the world.

Sir Trevor Pears CMG is the Foundation’s Executive Chair; he continues his involvement in the family business but his primary professional role is to lead the Foundation and develop the Pears family’s philanthropy.

Corporate Governance

The company is operated for the benefit of the shareholders having regard to the stakeholders in the business.

The directors are committed to using the profits from the corporate business to benefit their charitable endeavors.

We recognize the social, environmental and economic impact on the people and resources we work with. We are constantly updating, managing and reviewing our processes to ensure the needs of our staff, suppliers, clients and customers, on which our business depends, are met. We always try to be reasonable in our dealings and we take all feedback seriously. We have assessed the impact of our business on the environment and have implemented practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Tax Strategy

The publication of this strategy statement is regarded as satisfying the statutory obligation under Para 16(2), Schedule 19, Finance Act 2016 for all companies for the year ending 30 April 2024.

Tax Governance and Risk Management

The Group’s objectives in managing and controlling its tax affairs and related tax risks are as follows:

Ensuring compliance with all applicable rules, legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates and paying the correct amount of tax as it falls due. Tax policies and risks are assessed for each new transaction and on an on-going basis for changes in legislation. Tax policies and risks are reviewed and key controls are tested at least annually by the Tax and / or Finance team, with support from external tax advisors. The Board is updated at least annually or when a potential issue may arise.

We employ individuals with appropriate tax knowledge and experience to manage tax risks and to ensure compliance. The Group takes appropriate tax advice from reputable professional firms.

Attitude Toward Tax Planning & Tax Risk Appetite

We have a low appetite for tax risk which can be defined as not undertaking any transactions involving tax that are not fully supported by commercial activities. We will not undertake planning that is contrived or artificial; our planning will be consistent with the commercial and economic substance of a transaction.

The low tax risk appetite is widely communicated within the Group through the Tax Policy and the  Head of Tax is involved in all material transactions.


Working with HMRC

The Group maintains a co-operative and pro-active relationship with the UK Tax Authorities to encourage an open relationship and hence to reduce our risk profile.

  • Mark Pears


  • Sir Trevor Pears CMG

    Board Director

  • David Pears

    Board Director

  • Bill Bennett Solicitor

    Company Secretary

  • Ian Shaw FCA

    Finance Director – Lending & other activities

  • Michael Baker FCA

    Managing Director – Joint Ventures

  • Elliot Goldfarb FCA

    Finance Director – Group

  • Ash Mithani FCA

    Finance Director – Joint Ventures

  • Ashley Whitby

    Managing Director – Residential Acquisitions

  • Gemma Goldrein ACA CTA

    Tax Director

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